A short story.

Katrina stood on her front stoop with her bags beside her. She was ready to go to survival camp.

Katrina’s sister Alicia was coming too. Alicia stood beside Katrina looking at the bus that was coming to pick them up. Alicia started walking toward the bus, Katrina followed. They stepped on to the bus and found a seat.

The bus started to move. “Welcome to the bus to survival camp.” said the driver. Alicia and Katrina waved to their mom until they couldn’t see her anymore. “Are you ready?” asked Katrina with excitement. “Ready for what?” responded Alicia. “Survival camp, duh.” Katrina could tell Alicia wasn’t that excited about survival camp, after all the only thing Alicia liked to do was sit on the couch watching movies. She never went outside. But Katrina couldn’t stop thinking about it, building shelters, finding food, campfires, long hikes! The bus stopped to pick up some more kids. Katrina read the address. 48 water’s edge ave. Oh No! Thought Katrina, that was the address of Alicia’s best friend! “Hey, isn’t that your best friend?” Asked Katrina. Alicia looked at the girl walking down the bus aisle. “Nope, but she used to be.”  Answered Alicia.

Katrina didn’t even ask why. The last time she did that her sister got  mad at her, and she didn’t know why. Half an hour later they arrived at a small building with two floors. When Katrina saw the building she gasped out loud. This was not what Katrina expected! Katrina expected an out house, a big forest, and two tiny cabins beside a lake. However, that’s not what stood in front of her. Everybody started piling out of the bus.

They followed the bus driver inside where the instructors stood waiting. One for girls and one for boys. The boy instructor named Dave started to shout. “Good morning, everybody. Welcome to survival camp, my name is Dave and this is Jenny.”  Dave pointed at the girl standing next to him. She wore  jean shorts and a white t-shirt. She had brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She waved. “We will be your instructors. Girls, can you please line up behind Jenny and the boys can line up behind me.” Katrina and Alicia walked to Jenny. Katrina was first in line. Alicia was second last. Dave started talking again. “ We will be sleeping in this building tonight because we need to introduce you to this camp and go over some rules, we will also be having a bag check to see if you all have the equipment you need. Katrina cheered up, she didn’t want this to be the camp that they were staying in for the whole week. “Could you please follow your instructor, girls, she will explain the rest. Boys come with me.” Jenny turned around and said “Hello girls, how are you?” All the girls at once said “Good!” Jenny turned around once more and started walking to a small room.

Katrina knew she was in for an adventure. 

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