Ow! Sunburn!

We made it through our first full day! Yay! Give yourselves a hand! Seniors: That was our last first full day of band camp EVER!

So, today we started on the drill. Drill is wonderful, is it not? This is the easy part; when all we do is wander back and forth between spots and hold our drill books up instead of carrying instruments. This will probably change tomorrow once we start playing, but enjoy it while it lasts.

When we’re running drill, make sure you learn the right spot and get there, but don’t forget to guide and stay in the form. If you make it to your spot exactly in the right amount of time, and the rest of your line is two steps away, you look like an idiot. Judges don’t like it when you look like an idiot. Of course, we did fine with that today, but once we stop having poker chips to mark our spots, it will get much harder to hit the same place as everyone else without guiding.

HORN SLIDE! For the percussion break at the beginning of the show, you should be facing front, back, or a side, but not two of these at once. You should never have to slide more than a ninety-degree angle, so you can do it. Make sure everyone in the line is unison. Keep your intervals even.

As far as music is concerned, work out the sixteenth note runs. Sadly, I don’t get to play them, but for you lucky ducks that have to, get it right. ;)

Wear lots of suncreen next week… I apparently didn’t wear enough. We may or may not be outside in the afternoons; chances are, we won’t. That lovely heat index of ours doesn’t like to restrict itself to 104, but be prepared to go out anyway. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR FLIP FOLDER! We haven’t used it yet, but we will Monday or at least by Tuesday, so bring it. Put your music in it. We have to march and play, so if you don’t have the entire show memorized yet, you’ll need it.

And remember… don’t dance during sectionals.

(That’s my job).

Geoffrey loves you! Peace, love, and piccolos!

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