Han Solo has now affiliated himself with the Rebel Alliance and he thinks they have accepted him, but something strange is going on……

     Han Solo woke slowly, coming out of sleep with a lazy ease he’d never known before becoming accociated with the Rebel Alliance a few months ago.  In the past, he’d always awakened with a start, blaster in hand, ready to fire at whatever sound, movement or ‘feeling’ had roused him.  But, now, able to enjoy this relaxed, but unaccustomed awakening, it took the Corellian a few moments to orient himself to where he was: a dorm room in the rebel sleeping barracks on the Fourth Moon of Yavin.

     Han looked about the room he shared with his friend/co-pilot Chewbacca and gave a short laught at the ‘bed’ the rebels had rigged for the giant Wookiee; two beds, placed end to end to accommodate his great height.  Apparently the Wookiee was already about his daily chores as all evidences of him -bowcaster and bandolier- were gone and the covers pulled up on the make-shift bed.

     Rubbing sleep from his eyes, the events of the last few days flooded Han’s mind.  The Death Star and the battle to destroy it….making new friends; Wedge, Luke, Leia…..Leia.  Han let his mind linger for a few moments on the stubborn and outspoken Princess.  Maybe…just maybe, he thought, I’ll brighten up her day a bit!  Throwing back the covers, he quickly donned his clothes.  A fast trip to the bathing alcove to take care of the necessary and give his shaggy hair a thorough brushing and he was ready to face ‘Her Highness’ at breakfast.

     Han knew the schedule of the temporary base.  Though the regular duties were carried out, Commanders were allowing everyone to sleep later and meals were served at all hours.  This allowed everyone time to rest, unwind and recover from the stress of the last few months.  A rec room had been set up and everyone could participate in various activities.  There were Kank tournaments, games of all kinds, music, reading, holofilms and talk sessions.  Once again spirits were being revived and camaraderie was in full bloom.

     Han smiled and spoke casually to the aides, techs and rebel enlistees he passed on his way to the mess hall.  They nodden in response, but Han didn’t see them whispering to one another once he passed by.

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