Han Solo has now affiliated himself with the Rebel Alliance and he thinks they have accepted him, but something strange is going on……

     Han watched after Leia as she made her way down the winding hallway.  The Corellian pirate’s defiance rose.

     “Nobody….not even a PRINCESS is going to tell me where I can and cannot go.”  He said aloud.  An attempt to open the door was met with resistance as a Rebel slipped through the partially-opened door.  The grey-uniformed man placed a restraining hand on Solo’s chest.

     “Sorry, Captain.  My orders are to keep you from entering.”

      “I don’t believe it!”  Han ranted.  “Just a few days ago that….that…” he searched his extensive vocabulary for a word to describe the princess Organa and found none….’Royal Rebel’… with the blessings of the Alliance placed a medal around my neck for helping blow up the Death Star and now I can’t even go from one room to another.!!”

     “Sorry, sir.”  The officer sympathized, still blocking the door.

     Han shook his head as he left.  “There’s something funny going on.”

     “Hey Wedge!”  Han called to Luke’s friend as he came into view.  Wedge recognized Solo and became noticeably uneasy as the Captain approached.

     “Yes, Captain?”

     “Wedge…is something goin on that concerns me?  Something that I don’t know about?”

     “No sir..” the rebel denied…”not that I know of.”  Han paced a bit in front of the man, then Wedge stopped him.

     “Excuse me, but I have an order to finish carrying out.” Turning, Wedge left the bewildered pirate standing in the middle of the hall.

     “Hi, Han!”  Luke slapped his friend on the back as he came out of the corridor into the hall.

     “Luke,”  Han sputtered in surprise, as the young man passed by without stopping.

     Luke waved over his shoulder at his confused friend.   “Gotta go.”

     Han stood still, completely bewildered by everyone’s avoidance of him.  “What’s going on!?!” he murmered, then is eyes brightened as a thought dawned on him.  “If something, ANYTHING ,is going on.  I know EXACTLY who to ask to find out.” Quick, determined steps carried the Corellian to his destination.

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