Han Solo has now affiliated himself with the Rebel Alliance and he thinks they have accepted him, but something strange is going on……

     “Hello Captain Solo.”  See Threepio greeted in metalic tones.  The Golden droid was in the meeting room, which was empty save for him.

     Han came right to the point.  “There’s something going on around here, Threepio, and it seems to concern me.  I’m not allowed in the rec room, everyone is avoiding me and I can’t find Chewbacca.  Do you know what’s up?”

     Threepio was delighted Captian Solo wanted to converse with him.  He wasn’t sure how the man felt about him, during their brief acquaintanceship; especially after all the smart, sarcastic remarks with which the Captian had scathed him since Mos Eisley.

     “Of course I know what’s going on.”  The droid bragged, delighting in having the upper hand for once.

     Han smiled.  NOW he was getting somewhere.

     “But,” the droid intoned, “that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell YOU.  I’m not programed to lie, but I can choose not to tell you the facts.”

     Han was suddenly livid.  Now he’d even been rejected by a mechanical!  “Alright.”  He sneered, reaching his level of tolerance.   “I know when I’m not wanted.  I can take a hint.  Never let it be said that Han Solo wore out his welcome!”

     Threepio’s receptors blinked at this final outburst and looked dismayed as Han stomped out.

     Solo made his way to the bay area.  He’d just work on his ship.  Once she was ready they’d leave.  He certainly wasn’t going to stay around here!

     A couple of hours later, Chewbacca ambled onto the FALCON in search of his friend.  He found Han nearly boot-deep in tools and parts.  The Wookiee woofed something to Him.

     “Come with you to the rec room?  Haven’t you heard; non-coms are barred from that area.” Han mimicked sarcastically.  The FALCON’S co-pilot was insistent and he growled a louder, sterner request.  When Han made no attempt to move, Chewbacca shuffled over to his friend and bodily lifted him from his work area.

     “Okay, OKAY!  Put me down!”  Han yealled.  “I’ll go with you, but just so  I can say ‘ I told you so’ when they won’t let us in.”  Wiping his dirty hands on a cloth, Han followed his friend down the FALCON’S ramp.  They passed no one in the hallways to the rec room.   Strange….Han thought.  Usually Rebels swarmed everywhere.

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