Han Solo has now affiliated himself with the Rebel Alliance and he thinks they have accepted him, but something strange is going on……

     Pausing outside the recreational area door, Han once again reprimanded Chewbacca.  “You’re wasting your time, buddy.”

     The Wookiee swung the doors wide and Han was greeted with quite a sight.  Rebels lined the room.  Luke, Leia, Wedge and even Artoo and Threepio stood at a food and drink-laden table in the middle of the gaily-decorated room.  Han took it all in, finally unraveling the reason for everyone’s suspicious behavior and avoidance of him the last several hours.  Luke openly beamed, apparently quite proud of his ability to carry off the deception.  Leia smiled at Han, inwardly knowing he would understand her curt behavior earlier.  Even the big Wookiee smiled and chortled, secure in the knowledge that he was the instigator of all this.

     The entire group erupted in a shout, then, bringing to Han’s mind something he thought only he and Chewie knew and that he’d temporarily forgotten about:

                                                                   ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!’

                                                                            THE END





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