Mrs. Parker and her mother discuss the nursing home event.

When Mrs. Parker, Mandy, and Clotilda arrived home, Mandy went upstairs to her room. Mrs. Parker figured that she could take this time to discuss things with Clotilda. It never occurred to her that Mandy could hear everything from upstairs.

Clotilda said, “I think that the event went very well. It is nice that Mrs. Waverly has them participate in that.” Mrs. Parker said, “Yes, it is nice, but I really don’t know how much longer I can do this. It is getting to be too much. I just can’t stand to see Mandy doing the same things over and over and not learning anything in the process.” Clotilda said, “First of all, Mandy is learning, and second of all, she enjoys being at the institution. I know that I can’t seem to make you understand this, but don’t you remember when you were her age? You used to love going to the institution.” 

Mrs. Parker thought about this for a moment, and gave a disgusted look. She said, “It was only because I didn’t know any better. I remember going to the institution and thinking that I was the smartest student in the class. Then, I went to a different school and realized that I didn’t know anything. It was so embarrassing. I can’t let Mandy go through that!” Clotilda said, “But she isn’t going through that! When she goes to Harrison Street, she doesn’t do badly.” Mrs. Parker said, “Yeah, so that means I did the right thing.” Clotilda did not think that her daughter was seeing it the same way as she.

Clotilda said, “What I mean is that Mandy does not look at it that way. She doesn’t think about what she is and isn’t learning. She just goes with the flow. Maybe you should just allow her to do her own thing. Stop worrying about it so much. If she tells you that she isn’t learning anything, then concern yourself with it.” Mrs. Parker said, “Yes, but if she tells me that, then I know that it is too late.”

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