You never cry? Dong is definitely out tears!

You never cry? Dong is definitely out tears!
         At the time of grief, a person tends to shedding tears. But there are times when tears out when someone is feeling very happy. There are also times when the tears out without any involvement of feelings, both sad and happy. These tears come out when there is something that stimulates the tear glands, such as onion peeling, when the eyes take in the smoke, and others.
          Do not think it’s the same feeling tears. Apparently feeling tears very influenced by our feelings.. Crying also be something important, when a new baby is born. If the baby does not cry, the doctor patted her bottom until the baby is crying. This baby’s crying indicates a response to the new environment. Infants who can not speak with words, express what he wanted to say with tears.
          Thus it can be said that the ‘tear’ is a means to communicate with fellow human beings for the first time. But not many people know what the real ‘tear, which is the expression of innate feeling.
          How far does your knowledge of ‘tears’? First, try to answer statements below with a statement signed statement is true for O, and X for the statement that you think is wrong.

  1. Tears come from the blood fluid 
  2. Tears that flow when the grief and tears out when feeling cranky or regret having different tastes. 
  3. Tears contain an element of stress 
  4. Sense of relief after crying caused by the mind or soul. 
  5. Tears contain potassium. 

Derived from blood
          Tears, a clear liquid that is colorless or transparent fluid is actually derived from the blood. When the tears will come out, blood flow can be felt up to the head. Blood that is the origin of tears.
          Although the tear fluid derived from blood, tears are not red. This is because when the blood fluid into the tear gland, the cell wall through which work for the red color filter elements contained in red blood cells resulting in a clear fluid called tears.
Different flavors tears
          Did you know that taste, quantity, and composition are contained in different tears when sad or happy? Out in tears when happy or sad at the moment, it can be said as a means of releasing or expressing feelings. Tears out at the time to relax is due to stimulation of the nerves that relax the body and soul (called the parasympathetic nervous). The characteristics of these tears were out in large numbers, bland taste, and contain lots of potassium.
          When you feel sorry or angry, to feel those feelings meet head to head feels heavy. Tears that came out during this uneasy feeling is due to stimulation of the sympathetic nerves (the nerves that cause tension in the body and feelings). The specificity of these tears are relatively few and tastes salty because it contains a lot of sodium.
The feeling of being relieved after crying
          When the chest and head filled with a variety of problems that oppressive, some people are trying to loose to shed tears. Along with the tears that melted on the cheek, bit by bit the head and chest feels lighter.
          Why such a person? The real stress of the material contained in tears. Stress the material is contained in all kinds of tears. Not only in tears when sadness or regret, but also stress the material contained in happy tears.
          Human feelings had changed drastically causing a sudden load on the body so that the material stress in the blood increases. By shedding tears, also helped out the stress of the material that had an uncertain feeling that would be cool.
The origin and final destination of tears
          Every time a wink, there are a number of tears that flowed to the surface of the eye. When the eyes feel dry, we wink. So repeatedly. In one minute, one about as much as blinked 15-20 times. At that moment, tears wetting the surface of the eye without noticing.
          As many as 10 percent of the tears that flowed to the surface of the eye and serve to keep the eye surface moisture, evaporates. While the remaining 90 percent going to flow through a small channel in the inner eye. After that, the tears are flowing through a small gland that connects between the eyes and nose, and finally flows through the nasal passages and accumulate in the nose.
          After using the eye drops are not uncommon base of the tongue felt something bitter. This occurs because the eye drops over the same route with tears, and sometimes after going through the nose, the drug is flowing into the mouth.
Function of tears
          The tears have various functions. The primary function of tears is to transport elements of acid and nutrients to the eye. In the cornea there is no blood so that the gland is not able to obtain the necessary substance. Tears were working to overcome it.
          In addition, the tears serve to prevent the entry of a wide range of bacteria or viruses contained in the foreign objects or dirt into the eyes. Contained in air pollution in huge numbers, more than we think. It is conceivable, if there were no tears, dirt can be directly entered into the eye, causing eye infection. In other words, tears serve to protect the eyes from pollution contamination. 

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