A fiction short story.

A village surrounded by the beauty of nature lies in the suburbs of a small town. It’s morning & Veena is out of her hut to fetch a pail of water from one of the surrounding wells.
So, she moves out. In the way she sees several trees, herbs & plants. Finally she reaches a well which she hasn’t seen before. She however takes  her bucket & puts it into the well. What she sees is
that suddenly the water of the well starts rising & spilling all over the place even at her.
She runs hurriedly to save her life. After sometime she goes back to that place again with the nearby villagers to show them that strange incident. All is well by now but her bucket has drowned.
No one believes her except an old lady who knows the truth of that well. She meets her when all the villagers have gone & tells her that it is a sinister well. If anything even a small stone will be thrown
in it,it will make that drown by rising it’s water level.
That well bears a curse & she was lucky one to escape otherwise she
too would have drowned in it. Like we say when our pitcher of sins become full it spills. Similarly that well proves it. The next generation will have to bear the sins committed by their forefathers.
That well is a medium to punish & make them go to hell. This well was constructed by a famous king who used to reside over there thousands of years ago.
After that many things of people & animals too have drowned in it. In case of living things that well throws them out once they are dead. That woman had seen a buffalo & a parrot dying in it & after their
death they were thrown to the ground with the well containing the same level of water after rising suddenly.
Veena is amazed after listening to that lady’s words & cannot believe her ears. She has stopped venturing that place & has put a signboard on it bearing a message that says,
“That well is not well”

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