Nissa gives her students the exam. She wishes that she didn’t have to.

All of the students in Nissa’s Group B class seemed energetic, but more apprehensive than usual. Nissa said, “So, today is the day of the exam, but we’ll worry about that later. Right now we’re going to do something else.” She then continued to do the same part of her lesson plan that she always did in this class. She figured that it did not make any sense to waste the entire class doing the exam.

After she finished with the first part of her lesson plan, she decided to start the exam. She said, “Okay, go against the wall and you can all answer the same three questions. We’ll do it one at a time. This shouldn’t take long.” Nissa had all of the students answer the same three questions. Although these were three questions that Mrs. Waverly had put on the exam, Nissa counted the questions for more than they were worth.

Once that was over, Nissa said, “Okay, so now we are going to do the same thing with these short answer questions. They are all going to be the same questions.” Although this was a simple way of doing an exam, it was not what Mrs. Waverly had intended. Mrs. Waverly would have wanted Nissa to ask each student a different question, not to have each of them answer the same question. At this point, Nissa really didn’t care.

Finally, it was time for the students to do their presentations. Believe it or not, the students did a really good job with this. They liked coming up with their own thing. Even Nissa was surprised that they were able to do this. The only one, of course, who didn’t like to do this was Mandy. It had taken her quite a while to come up with something to talk about. No, she didn’t fail the exam. And no, she did not end up walking in circles, but she was glad once it was all over. 

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