A humorous short story about a $100 dollar bill.

The Adventures of Benny Frank

One day a man was walking down the street when the $100 dollar bill he was carrying in his coat pocket blew out! The man had no idea what misfortune had befallen him, so he merely continued to slowly trudge the rest of sidewalk needed to get him to work. This bit of valuable greenery fell into place with the rest of the fallen leaves and unfortunate bits of paper and other useless trash as they continually blew to and fro in the cool autumn winds. These random articles of trash would come to rest in suburban leaf piles as children enjoy raking leaves into a large pile and leaping into them. This story does not come to an end with a small child squealing for joy as she finds a picture of Benjamin Franklin printed on a bit of green parchment. No, this particular story continues on with the $100 dollar bill floating to a gentle stop at the feet of two businessmen happening to pass each other on the side of a busy street. As you might expect, they both reached down at the same moment and tried to grab the money. Their hands collided in the attempt about 6 inches away from the unsuspecting bit of cash, resulting in neither of the two men to reach the money. They stopped, looked at one another, and tried again. Same results. This unexpected encounter frustrated both of the already annoyed businessmen. They straightened themselves, brushed their coats off, and simultaneously declared why they needed the money. After a few seconds of not listening in addition to another slight pause, the two men simply glared at the other pathetic chap. Finally the younger of the two pushed the older man thinking he might be able to grab the cash and dash away. The older man would have none of this, for he only appeared older than he actually was. He was just as quick and nimble as the youthful man. They were both flying through the air at the piece of green lying on the ground when they knocked heads. This was a most unpleasant circumstance. As well as having an extreme desire to obtain the money, they both now had sore heads. Fists were raised and the situation took a turn for the worse. The younger man, who was youthful and rash, took the first swing. The elderly gentleman had quite a bit of history under his belt. He had been in both the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm as a Marine! He cleanly grabbed the flailing fist and twisted, bringer the other man to sitting position and delivered a swift hammer-fist to the temple. Now, being older than the younger man, he was not as strong as he previously was, so he did not completely knock the youth out. He had only stunned him a little bit. The younger man got up faster than expected, snatched up the famed $100 dollar bill and took off across the street. In his rush he forgot to look both ways before crossing! A semi-truck happened to be coming along at about 45 MPH and slammed into the side of the man. The miniature portrait of Benjamin Franklin flew up in the air, floated a little bit and once again made a soft landing at the feet of the elderly gentleman who picked it up, called 911, and continued on to work.

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