A story about witnessing for Christ.

John, a rather short but handsome dark haired blue eyed man, asked a lot of questions at work.  He was interested in why his coworker George was always happy.  John was living the American dream; a nice Victorian style house, loving wife with three kids, and a great job as a computer programmer.  But John found something missing in his life.  Oh he loved his family as much as anyone could.  He loved his job and got along with all his coworkers.  John just felt something tugging on his heart.  Sometimes he thought of taking a wild African safari or taking a cruise up the Nile River.  However, thinking of these as being adventurous, he still felt that they would not be fulfilling enough for what was lacking in his soul. 

One day John decided to take a risk.  He caught George for a moment and pulled him aside.

            John sincerely asked, “George, what is it that makes you so happy all the time?”

            George smiled graciously and answered, “My friend, I am glad you finally took the risk to ask.  You see, John, 5 years ago I put my faith in Jesus Christ.  Before that I was close to bankruptcy and a divorce and a friend shared with me his faith in Jesus so I gave Him a shot.  At the time I just figured I had nothing to lose, what the heck.  But it opened a whole new world to me John.  The hole in my heart was overflowing and many things in my life began falling into place.  I got involved with a good church and volunteered for many ministries there and even got to go on a church building ministry in Costa Rica and there I witnessed to suffering hurting people which confirmed to me that Jesus is alive and working in the world. It was a risk worth taking and now I got my life back.  My house was saved by an attorney friend in the church and I worked out things with my wife and we even have a new baby.  You see John, Jesus is worth the risk.  I had nothing to lose.  You have nothing to lose.  He paid all our debt for our sin on the cross and we just have to believe in Him to receive eternal life.  We have nothing further to fear.  Put Jesus first and everything else in life will fall into place.  He loves you man, and if you take the risk and turn your life over to him you will never be sorry.”
            John listened intently.  He wanted this Jesus for himself and his family. But what did he have to do besides take the risk?  He was willing to take the risk but how did he begin?

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