Mark Byron auditions for a tv show.

Ten year old Mark Byron sat in a chair holding a CD and a cane outside of the audition room at WHJV in Los Angeles California. He was next to audition for a part in the new children’s variety show being produced by the station. He was not nervous, he was very proud of himself for making it as far as he had and knew there would be other opportunities if he did not get the part.

Suddenly, the door to the audition room opened and his name was called.

Mark stood up and entered to where a man and a woman were waiting, sitting behind a table.

“Hello Mark” said the man “I am John McArthur, the casting director for C.R.A.ZY. Kids, and this is my assistant Jenny.”

He gestured to the woman sitting to his left.

“Nice to meet you” Mark said.

“As you know” John continued “You were supposed to write a short poem as part of the audition, do you have one to present to us?”

Mark nodded.

“Very well” John said “Whenever you are ready”

Mark nodded again, he was starting to feel nervous, he took a deep breath, exhaled and cleared his throat. A moment later, he began to recite:

“Fizzle, sizzle, fizzle, sizzle, fizzle sizzle, pop.

How I love to drink my cherry soda pop.

I drink the soda, then it goes right back up and out my nose.

Fizzle, sizzle, fizzle, sizzle, fizzle sizzle, pop.

How I love to drink my cherry soda pop.”


After Mark had finished reciting, John McArthur and Jenny laughed.

“That was indeed short.” John said “Short and sweet. I like that. You wrote it?”

Mark nodded again, smiling.

“Wonderful” John said. “The next thing we need, of course, is to see you perform. Do you an act for us?”

“Yes sir” Mark said. “I have this CD with the music on it, track one.”

“Oh ok” John said.

One of the stagehands walked over to Mark, took the CD from him and walked back over, presumably to put it into a CD player.

“I notice you are wearing tap shoes” John told Mark.

Mark nodded. Indeed he was, he had prepared a tap dance for his audition, he hoped they liked it.

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