Mark Byron auditions for a tv show.


The music from Mark’s CD began to play. He picked up his cane and held it parallel to his chest. He began to recite to the beat of the music that played.

 “I love to dance and sing

It makes the mountains ring.

Ok not really, Im being silly,

which is my favorite thing.”

 Mark then began to tap dance and twirl his cane like a baton.

“An egg and a bagel walk into a bar,” he said as he continued to dance “The bartender says ‘Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast!!’”

 John and Jenny chuckled. John made a note on a paper in front of him. Mark continued:

 “My mom says Im too loud

I think she should be proud.

To think its ok to be silly all day,

you should be well endowed.”

 He continued to tap dance with his cane.

 “Knock knock…” he said

“Who’s there?” Jenny said, smiling

“I don’t know.” Mark said, shrugging.

 “My shoes have metal plates,

and that’s what my mom hates.

She says “No joys in making noise

in all the 50 states.”

 Suddenly, but as part of the audio track, the first few notes of the song “Anchors Away” played.

“Ok, not sure what that was all about” Mark said after an awkward silence. His face made a sheepish grin.

 “My sister hates it too,

I practice, she says “Boo!

Im playin dolls!” That’s what she calls

The thing she likes to do.

 Mark tap danced for a few more moments before reciting the final verse, which he did while continuing to dance.

 “I think that they are wrong,

and have been all along.

‘Bout dancin to the beat while tappin my feet

and singin a fun song!


The music ended and Mark took a bow. John McArthur and his assistant applauded enthusiastically.

“Very good!” John exclaimed.

“Yes, very!” Jenny added.

“Thank you” Mark said, grinning widely.


John made another note on his paper.

“Now Mark” he said, looking up, “Our show isn’t going to be all jokes and funny songs. We are also going to have occasional moments where we honor and pay tribute to things that we feel deserve recognition, for whatever reason.”

“Yes” Jenny said “And while they will hardly, if ever, ask of you to come up with these tributes on your own, we need you to convince us that you are capable of being serious, if the situation calls for it.”

 Mark nodded “I understand. I couldn’t think of much though.”

“Well, just share what you have” John said, smiling.

Mark nodded again.

“This song is to the tune of an old folk song” he began.

“Oh, I love those!” Jenny said, smiling. “Go ahead”

Mark cleared his throat and began to sing.


“The world is made of deep blue oceans,

Vast gold plains and rich green meadows

Even the red hot golden deserts are ever rich with life

Its such an awesome planet.”


“Im gonna write more verses.” Mark said when he had finished.

“Im sure they’ll be great.” John McArthur said. His assistant nodded.

“Thank you Mark for auditioning today, you were wonderful.”

“Thank you” Mark said.

He received his CD back from the stagehand and exited through the door through which he had entered.

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