Your everyday male,your everyday bank,not your everyday situation…

What was that!,I thought as fear and adrenaline flowed vigorously throughout my body.The window shattered and flew with ease to the ground,the glass shards divided into clear cystal bits as they crashed. The dark black figures were visible from the night shading them. They both when foot first on the destroyed window to avoid getting slices from the surviving glass. They quickly climbed though and struggled getting there footing in the bank. Everyone got startled when heard the glass break and the men climb though, but what really shocked them was their weapons obviously resembled sub machine guns.

“Everyone on the floor,Now!”.The shady man commanded.

This was a robbery,both the men wore ski mask,and the other man who didn’t say anything even yet, left the tag on of his.They only wore cheap cotton jackets and a shirt,but the extra bulk was from there Kevlar vest.I was already behind a desk one I heard the window get decimated.I carried a handgun for protection,and this was the first time I thought I was going to use the handgun.I quickly thought that the pistol’s bullets wouldn’t penetrate the vest that would strongly to mortally injure them,so I thought I had the best bet aiming for their unprotected heads. During my moments of thinking they already killed the bank guard and now were rounding everyone up.I took out the pistol,quickly peeked back towards the crowd and the loud robber was coming my way,he saw me,but not the handgun.

“You think you can hide back there forever?”He question me.

I was now in a crouched position,my foot behind my other one getting ready to move.The second he walked over I ran towards him.Luckily I caught him off guard because he didn’t have sub machine aimed up,and he didn’t have enough to aim.I forced his gun arm away dislocating his arm out of his shoulder his out of his socket.While he screamed in shock and pain I took my pistol,shoved it in this eye and shot.Blood covered my white long sleeve button-up shirt like someone spilled a whole bottle of wine on my new shirt.Since my vision was poor,I wore glasses that protected my eyes from getting blind from the blood that instantly rose up for a second.I took his sub-machine gun and quickly rolled over the dead corpse’s body and flipped him on his side for protect against the bullets.I quickly rubbed my glasses to regain my vision and began to shoot at the robber which was already destroying his friends body.The bullets hit his body and he was in severe pain from the impact.I poetically sprang up and sprinted towards him.

He wasn’t expecting the drop kick that sent him a few feet backwards,as he was stumbling he leaned over the window that the inexperience friends came though and impaled his back on the remaining glass.That is exactly when the SWAT team came in and extracted every hostage and arrested the Savior myself for the possession of firearms and actually killing on person and mortally wounding the other.

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