I haven’t written in a while…and I don’t think after this I’ll be writing for a while either…but hey, I like to see your reactions :P .

The undoubtably BEST way to approach a girl:

“hey, you look amazing….are you single?”



Following on with this article, that is, if you have the life to waste, you will find that THIS IS THE BEST way of dealing with your daily social situations….

“have you done your homework yet?”


“have you had your shower yet?”


“Dude….is that a boner?”

“look down*….Shit!….Run!”

As you can see, the versatility of the statement precedes even the most complicated, thought-out responses…No matter what, it is essential to incorporate shitting and running into your daily lifestyle….And even those blue moon occurrences…..

*you look into your bag after English class and see a iPhone 4s box with a note on it “happy valentines”….*

“….my girlfriend must be really serious about this relationship…..”


“today will be our first lesson on biochemical substances found withi-”


“your girlfriend just tried to strangle me when I told her the tuckshops out of chicken sandwhiches….”

“she must be on her….you know….”


“oh yeah, yeah, thats it, do it like that”

“hoooney I’m hooome!”

“*Zip!* Shit!…Run!”

Ok, so you’ve got enough evidence of how useful this technique really is, now all you’ve got to do is go out, and put this wealth of information to use in your daily life. Feel free to add any other “Shit!….Run!” situations in down with the comments, and I hope you have had as much of a laugh reading this as I did writing it. If you didn’t? Well…stop being so uptight and enjoy some crude humour for once :P

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