One boy discovered that he is not an ordinary boy. He transformed into a black angel when anger and thirst for revenge took control of him.

It was my last day of school, when strange things begun to happen. The same old bell rung and all the students jumped up and left the classroom in exactly the same way as they had done for last 9 years. I didn’t rush. I didn’t leave the room at once because somehow I couldn’t and I felt that I had to say goodbye to my teacher as if I will never see him again but I knew that this feeling was wrong because he was like my second father. I didn’t know why I felt so strange but I soon discovered what caused these feelings.

We were in deep conversation when the teacher suddenly squeezed his head between both hands and cried out in pain before he fainted. Slowly he collapsed and I was so stunned by this that at first I didn’t know what to do. Then I grabbed my cell phone and called the ambulance.

In five minutes the room was full of teachers, students, an ambulance man and even a policeman was there with his lathered notebook and ink pen. The policeman asked me many questions but when I had answered all his questions he smiled at me and said that this has nothing to do with me. The doctors said that my teacher has had a stroke.

I couldn’t stop feeling guilty even when my parents, grandparents, doctors and policeman told me not to worry

“It is not your fault that someone has been unhealthy enough and now is on his death bed!” They kept saying.

But I knew that this excuse was extremely wrong because he used to be my PE teacher and he didn’t live far from me so sometimes we went running together and sometimes on Fridays we went ice-skating too, which means that I knew him quite well and I am sure that this was something to do with supernatural energy.

Next day I went to hospital to visit my teacher. I went into his room and looked around. It was very small, with light blue walls and a white floor. There were no curtains covering the windows and four simple metal beds, and my teacher lay on one of them, each had a thin blanket and were placed in the four corners of this square room. Next to each bed was a small, simple but stable table. All the tables were completely empty except one. There was one beautiful glass vase with one small sunflower in it. That seemed very strange because I don’t know anyone who has been close enough to my teacher to bring him a flower. I looked at the bed that the table was next to. Who would bring him one single sunflower? That was the question I was determined to find out so I went over to the bed and leaned down next to it so my mouth was next to my teacher’s ear. He was breathing very slowly and his eyes were closed all the time.

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