The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a great novel by John Boyne. It shows the life of a 9-year-old boy, Bruno, during World War 2. This is a reflection on how Bruno’s family treated Jews.

In the novel, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, Bruno’s family all had different views on Jews, mainly Pavel. Bruno’s mother had an indifferent view, but because of her reputation as the wife of a Nazi, she couldn’t show this publicly. Bruno’s father, being a Nazi, showed hatred and cruelty towards Pavel. However, Bruno thought of Pavel as a kind person and treated him like a normal person. This was mainly because Bruno didn’t know what it meant for someone to be a Jew.

Bruno’s mother thought of Pavel as a person. She didn’t like him, but didn’t hate him. She merely disregarded Pavel. However, being a Nazi’s wife, she couldn’t go around showing this attitude. “He turned and left the room but was still able to hear Mother saying thank you to Pavel as he walked up the stairs” (85). Bruno’s mother thanked Pavel for treating Bruno after he fell off the swing, but in order to conceal what happened she later said, “If the Commandant asks, we’ll say that I cleaned Bruno up” (85). This shows her trying to keep this whole thing a secret. Bruno’s father however has a very different view.

His father is a Nazi soldier, which meant that he hated Jews. Even though he disliked Jews, he didn’t care very much about them. He treated Pavel like he was nonexistent. He didn’t punish Pavel a lot and rarely said anything good. For a Nazi, he was quite nice towards Jews.

Bruno’s 9-year-old personality made him view Pavel as a nice person. Oblivious to what the ideals in the country were, he thought of Pavel as a normal human being. He was very thankful to Pavel for bandaging him when he fell of the swing. Overall, he treated Pavel like a normal human.

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  • Veritas Christiana on Feb 17, 2013

    A good point in the movie is what made the change in the mother. I think the when Pavel cared for Bruno, mother saw the humanity in himl that they as germans at all cost tried to neglect due to their sheer hate to the jews for various reasons from Hitler such as the Jews wanting to be superior above everyone and they causes the poverty in Germany as well as they caused the defeat of Germany in the World War I. Funny thing is what happened before in the World War II seems to take its course today through the reports that infiltrate the media. I suggest everyone to take heed to be very careful in the news reports they accept and sided because the history records everything and one day, you may judge the same people, the Israelite survivors of holocaust, the same way as the misconceived information fed on Gretel.

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