A children’s story about a very brave little boy.


Once upon a time in a small village there lived a young boy named Brandon. Brandon was a very friendly lad and was liked by everyone. He was always happy and smiling and was ready to help others in need.

One day his friend Ethan ran into the village, straight to Brandon’s cottage. He rapped loudly on the door. Upon hearing the pounding, Brandon unlocked the door and invited his friend inside.

“What’s the matter, Ethan?” Brandon asked. Ethan trembled. “I went for a walk in the forest and stumbled upon a secret cave. I had just taken a few steps inside the cave’s entrance when a big giant appeared! He chased me all the way to the edge of our village. What are we to do, Brandon?”

Brandon thought for a moment. “I shall go into the forest and find this giant who frightened you so.”

Ethan’s eyes widened in amazement. “Aren’t you scared?” he asked.

Brandon shrugged his shoulders. “You’re my friend, Ethan. I don’t like to see you so afraid.” Brandon said good-bye to his friend and set off to find the giant. He trudged through the forest in search of the giant’s cave. He wandered for hours. It grew dark and Brandon feared he was lost. The night air was chilly and he shivered as he sat on the cold, hard ground.

The snapping of a twig made Brandon jump to his feet. He peered out into the darkness. Suddenly the giant appeared before him! Brandon stumbled backward. In one quick move, the giant swept Brandon up into his arms, tossed him over his shoulder and carried him back to his cave.

The next morning, Brandon and the giant walked back to the cottage. The villagers gasped when they saw them and were very frightened. Brandon spoke. “It’s okay – don’t be afraid. The giant rescued me and gave me food and shelter when I was lost in the forest. He’s really very nice and wants to be our friend.”

Ethan stepped forward. “If you are a nice giant, then why did you chase me?”

The giant looked down at the ground. After a moment he said, “I wanted to ask if you would be my friend. I’m sorry if you thought I wanted to scare you – I guess I’m just too big for anyone to play with.” The giant looked very sad.

The villagers hugged Brandon and shook hands with the giant. They were grateful that Brandon’s courageous actions helped them realize that friends can come in all shapes and sizes!

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