The cave that talked.


A hungry lion roamed the forest in search of food. He could not find any animal to kill. The more he wandered, the hungrier he became. Finally, he saw the mouth of a big cave.

The lion said to himself, “I think some animal lives here. I shall wait behind the bush opposite, until he comes out. I shall pounce on him.”

He waited for a long time, but no one came out.

The lion thought, “the fellow must have gone out. I shall go in and wait for him. I am sure he will just walk in and into my mouth.” So the lion went in and hid himself in a dark corner.

The cave was the home of the jackal. He returned shortly. As he was about to enter the cave, he noticed footprints.”   These are the footprints of a big animal. Probably he is still inside. It may be dangerous to go in. let me find out,” he said to himself.

The jackal was clever. He called out in a loud voice, “Hello, dear cave! My Dear cave.”

There was silence. He shouted again, “hello, cave! Hello, my dear cave! Why don’t you answer me? Are you dead? What has happened to you?.”

“you always welcome me when I return home. Why are you quiet today? If you do not reply, I shall go to some other cave.”

The lion heard the shouts of the jackal. He said to himself, this cave is in the habit of welcoming the jackal. Now it is afraid of me and does not talk. The jackal will go away if he is not welcomed.”

So the lion roared, “hello, hello! Welcome home, my friend.”

“He must be hungry indeed,” Mused the wise jackal as he fled the place.

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