Good-bye Max.

Oh Oh Something is happening! John, Charlie- where are you? All the machines
around me are beeping like crazy and two nurses are hovering over me, while
a doctor shouts orders to others. Someone has put in a call for Sarah and
John to get here immediately. Okay, my angels are here now assuring me that
everything is fine. Hey what’s this? Isn’t that my body I’m looking at on
the bed- so where am I? One thing for sure, if that IS my body, I’m not
going back THERE? 
Am I dead? I don’t feel dead! In fact I’ve never felt better. Sarah and John
are here now, and I want to console them and tell them I’m fine, but my
angels say they can neither see nor hear me. I’ve just thought of
something - Max is dead but I’m still alive – so who am I now?  There is no
Max anymore because it was that body that everyone called Max. That’s funny,
I’m in the car with Sarah and John, but I don’t remember leaving the
hospital, I was just thinking of them and suddenly I was here.  I know that
I can’t stay because I’m being drawn away by some power that I don’t
understand yet but that’s okay because I can be with them again later. 
I guess this is the famous tunnel that I’ve read so much about. I know that
I’m travelling at a speed that Max could not have imagined but I also feel
very peaceful and happier than he would ever have thought possible.  Now I’m
seeing a beautiful white light – I’ve heard of that too but this is
incredible and it’s coming towards me at an unbelievable speed. I’m engulfed
by love, so pure, so unconditional and somehow I know that I am also one
with that love for that is all that there is. My angels are here again and
explain that I will soon understand but I must go again now because others
are waiting to see me.
“Cherrie, mom, dad, Ike, Noah, Sara – wait where is Mitchell? Oh I know – of
course, I understand perfectly now” Good bye Max – the cycle is complete
once more.  I’ll see you again someday, somewhere, not as Max, but perhaps
as Benjamin or Joshua, as Eliza or Elizabeth – for now however, the
chattering is complete.
The End. 

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  • lauralu on Aug 6, 2012

    Grear share, i see you lost some of your comments, when it changed back, have a great night

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