This is the first short story that I created in almost four years. In that time, my poetry has being outgrowing the amount of my stories. The real-time tale that inspired the story is quite amusing. Whereas the moment after that event, I began writing the first two pages. This story is unlike any other that I wrote. Since age ten I’ve been reading classical literature and I’ve decided to put this in an elder form of English, and I’m only seventeen. This story is my groundbreaking one, a horror/suspense short story, unlike any of my mystery ones. But truly, if anyone thinks of it, all genres are interconnected into mystery. I hope the reader enjoys, for as all that I’ve shown are amazed at how well it is written. It is copyrighted so no stealing. Even though that it may look REALLY long, it is only fourteen pages long. I also did the cover art which took me just about three hours to entirely. Comments are greatly taken.

“So what brings you to my house?”

“We are here just to serve vacation”

“Do you travel a lot?”

“Not necessarily”

“You do like to move around though”


“It’s better then to be constructive than to be lazy. So do you participate in manual labor?”

“If necessary”

“How about for the rest of your life?”


            There was a pause, Judge Miller spoke again.

“It feels quite exceedingly joyous that we have guests. But even then, some need to work”

“You wish for me to do what?” I began to get nervous from what his response would be.

“Oh nothing, forgive me, I was just reasoning my speech”

There was another pause.

“Did you not know that Olphie was assigned to you by me personally?”


“Yes and she is of real presence also. Yet she is quite sensitive and if you please, request a job for her and she will see to it that it is done”

“Thank you”

“I have also assigned two others to your company for your very own comfort. Just call out Olphie, Vieta, or Oscellia. I’m sure they will suit you just fine.

“Thank you so much” I said.

“You are quite welcome. Now if you please, I have some work to attend to”

            What horrified me next was, he disappeared into thin air.


                                    *                                  *                                  *


I told Rose of my accouterment with Judge Miller. She took it into some consideration but I could sense in her vocal patterns that perhaps she thought that I was hallucinating things that weren’t real. I was in a small annoyance that no one else believed me. In a time though, they would be saying the exact opposite.

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  • ceegirl on Apr 24, 2010

    interesting story

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