This is the first short story that I created in almost four years. In that time, my poetry has being outgrowing the amount of my stories. The real-time tale that inspired the story is quite amusing. Whereas the moment after that event, I began writing the first two pages. This story is unlike any other that I wrote. Since age ten I’ve been reading classical literature and I’ve decided to put this in an elder form of English, and I’m only seventeen. This story is my groundbreaking one, a horror/suspense short story, unlike any of my mystery ones. But truly, if anyone thinks of it, all genres are interconnected into mystery. I hope the reader enjoys, for as all that I’ve shown are amazed at how well it is written. It is copyrighted so no stealing. Even though that it may look REALLY long, it is only fourteen pages long. I also did the cover art which took me just about three hours to entirely. Comments are greatly taken.

            At this point of my life, my hair wasn’t grey, nor did my hair stand in petrified fright. It did not stand like it does now and come to think of it, it was always standing, since those incidents. I was never the same since then. I swore to the lord himself that I’d never be of careless judgment ever again. My friends and my love were not so lucky. That is why I am no longer careless, they died for their carelessness.

            If you wish to stay and listen, I’ll tell you. Yet if you wish to walk away, I wouldn’t blame you. I’d even give you back your note of currency. That option is always open to you. Just stop me in any sentence and walk away. I’m now going to get to details.


                                                *                      *                      *


The year was 1926, I was born in 1910. We didn’t know much of the house, only it was built in 1880; a mansion in the middle of nowhere. That’s the only thing my company knew. Only I knew of so much more, in time’s passing. Regretful, I am to have even entered the mansion with careless intentions. We didn’t know of the paranormal intelligence. We didn’t know it generally existed nor did we even care of it. We didn’t know the house was alive when it was really dead. We just waltzed right into hell. We sealed our fates, yet we surrendered it so willingly and subconsciously. I look at it now and say “Foolishness, paid with our lives”.

In the fall of 1926, there were five of us, my girlfriend and I included which made up seven. It was a ‘getaway trip’, we were still in the state and we weren’t going that far. We were mainly staying in the community but we were going to the farthest part in De Soto, where the crops sprang out. No one has ever been that far in of a small journey in almost fifty years. We were just staying at a different place for the next two weeks. We had ‘lives’ to attend to after our little vacation. But ‘they’ didn’t understand that. We sold our souls for limitless hospitality, to live like kings for the rest of our lives. But when we wanted back our freedom, that’s when everything went wrong.

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  • ceegirl on Apr 24, 2010

    interesting story

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