This is the first short story that I created in almost four years. In that time, my poetry has being outgrowing the amount of my stories. The real-time tale that inspired the story is quite amusing. Whereas the moment after that event, I began writing the first two pages. This story is unlike any other that I wrote. Since age ten I’ve been reading classical literature and I’ve decided to put this in an elder form of English, and I’m only seventeen. This story is my groundbreaking one, a horror/suspense short story, unlike any of my mystery ones. But truly, if anyone thinks of it, all genres are interconnected into mystery. I hope the reader enjoys, for as all that I’ve shown are amazed at how well it is written. It is copyrighted so no stealing. Even though that it may look REALLY long, it is only fourteen pages long. I also did the cover art which took me just about three hours to entirely. Comments are greatly taken.

“We can’t take the front door” said Sean. “We must go through the kitchen!” he yelled.

We did not argue, our lives depended on it. It was our last hope or we were to engulf ourselves in death. But what fought that thought was our human nature to live. Yet this is what prevented me to panic. And yet if I were to die, would I be next?

            I thoughts of these dreadful thoughts but all I cared for was that Rose saw another light of day, even if I were to die, I would not allow her to die in this cursed place. I thought of this as we raced down the basement. Sean was in our lead. We ran into the open space and we ran like our legs never have before. Until we then stopped, I was behind Sean when it happened, for it all happened in less then only a few seconds. All I remember was the grazing noise of a blade. As then a loud hissing noise was issued from Sean’s body. By which from the force of the blow, it made his body face me. His hand which out and pounded on my shoulder in a tight grip as if his last seconds of life were to grab hold of me. What happened next has stayed with me all these years. For this truly did throw my mind off of the side of the cliff.

            Sean’s body spun halfway around facing me and Rose. It revealed a butcher blade lodged into his vital vein, underneath his chin. The next second was that his blood penetrated into my eyes and I was temporarily blinded with blood. Rose screamed as I fell backwards and hit the back of my head up against the stone wall. I was seeing stars and I felt a sense of dizziness. The back of my head began to slowly bleed from a small cut. Another high-pitched laugh was issued throughout the corridors, for Sean’s laughter, it was not. That’s what perhaps ‘they’ thought was so amusing about him; for perhaps ‘they’ wanted him dead all along.

In my blindness, I heard Rose tear off a small part of her nightgown as then I felt her hand rub at my eyes. Once my eyes were cleaned out, I stood back up. I took Rose in my arms, picked her up and ran back upstairs. I carried and ran with her as fast as I could. The whispering was growing louder and louder and louder until it was to the point of someone yelling. But this time, the whispering words were combining into what would be as a song:

Liked it
  • ceegirl on Apr 24, 2010

    interesting story

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