This is the first short story that I created in almost four years. In that time, my poetry has being outgrowing the amount of my stories. The real-time tale that inspired the story is quite amusing. Whereas the moment after that event, I began writing the first two pages. This story is unlike any other that I wrote. Since age ten I’ve been reading classical literature and I’ve decided to put this in an elder form of English, and I’m only seventeen. This story is my groundbreaking one, a horror/suspense short story, unlike any of my mystery ones. But truly, if anyone thinks of it, all genres are interconnected into mystery. I hope the reader enjoys, for as all that I’ve shown are amazed at how well it is written. It is copyrighted so no stealing. Even though that it may look REALLY long, it is only fourteen pages long. I also did the cover art which took me just about three hours to entirely. Comments are greatly taken.

In that fall, were my friends; I was the youngest of them all, only at an age of sixteen. Yet I was considered an adult by then. The oldest was my friend Corey at twenty-seven; I knew him as a heavy-lifter and would never ever turn down a favor. If it considered anything with required weight to it, he would be the first to volunteer. A blonde shaggy hairdo is what I remember of him. How it would always flop up and down when he would walk. He had a voice of lightness and also spoke in a voice of singing at times, it was quite beautiful if anyone sat down and heard him, it still echoes in my head this very day of how much potential he had.

His younger brother, John, was a year younger then he was with an age difference of just thirteen months. He was somewhat similar to his brother yet but more off into the uses of discovery and ancient artifacts. It was a no wonder as to why he was mostly hanging among museums and burial sights and such. We knew him as ‘Jack’ and was also known to heavy-lift things, I guess that was a similarity between him and his brother. It’s quite strange how they didn’t necessarily look like each other; although they had the same nose, eyes, and eyebrows.

Tom was a doctor at twenty-four and was practicing medicine since the age of eighteen. One of the youngest of doctors in the state, yet he kept to himself and mostly among the books. Unlike any of us, he was the most reluctant but we suggested that he needed a vacation from all of the illnesses of children, men and women. He agreed, but rather reluctant.

Sean’s friend Nathaniel was a writer and journalist who had an incredible way of expression in the world of writing, I didn’t know him much, Sean did the talking of him. Although I could tell, he was useful for a random conversation which is why I respected him. He was quite brilliant for his way of words was just amazing. Sean was the prankster among us. He always had a fine joke and a laugh to share. His laughter died away when the laugh that echoed through the corridors that rang out. It wasn’t any of us.

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  • ceegirl on Apr 24, 2010

    interesting story

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