From the other side.

Father Pinyol was the henchman of the widow Smith, not to say that his speech and then came to the ring finger. Father Pinyol had a herd of years, was thin and softly, and fix patch consciousness and families knew a nest. Coating to its authority, was to be found in Lopez Mantecón.

We struck by the seductive, and Mantecón protested with all your soul: he said that Pauline had regenerated, and climb on his love of glory.

A priest Pinyol liked to hear Spanish spoken well, and this in Mantecón knew, and gradually won the hearts of priest Pinyol. Finally, together they make a mess that no one understood it, and God knows how things would have ended if an event would not have solved everything.

The steam cannon, which was in service in Mantecón, went to Cuba: Mantecón was a slave in his duties. Paulina entreated that he led him with him, that he could not live without. In Mantecón that kept calculation, we took the head as she could. The parting was not to be described, and spent days in agony for the poor girl.

After a short time the widow Smith read a story in the newspaper, which did make an scream agudíssim.

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