A story of love, loss and faith.

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There was once a young girl from a small town in Alabama. There was nothing special or unusual about her, just another child of the South. She grew up in a normal family with hard working parents and one sibling. As a late-life child her brother was ten years older than she was and her guardian from birth.

The other light of her life was her maternal grandmother. Widowed at a young age, she never remarried and lived her life as she pleased. She loved her two grandchildren, as they did her and the young girl spent many long happy days in her grandmother’s company.

But change is part of life and with the passage of time we all see it. The young girl became a teenager and faced her first of two great losses. At the age of 89, her grandmother passed way into the arms of the Lord.

As her loving family gathered around her death-bed, she took her granddaughter’s hand and placed a shining new penny in her palm. Her last words spoken to her dear granddaughter were, “Remember me and know I am always near.”

After the funeral while walking back to the car the teenage girl spotted a shining new penny on the sidewalk. She picked it up and smiled knowing her grandmother was watching over her.

Time continued to pass and the teenage girl matured into a bright smart young lady. She lived a normal life with joys and sorrows but whenever life seemed to want to beat her down, she would find a new shining penny on the sidewalk. She knew this was her grandmother watching over her.

As soon as she would find the penny her burdens seemed to lift and she could find the strength to carry on with whatever life gave her. She kept all the pennies in a jar and once the jar was full, she cashed them in and gave the money to her church in her grandmother’s honor.

Her brother was an honorable man and wished to serve his country. He joined the military at a young age and fought for his country’s freedom. War is a horrible thing and sometimes takes the lives of those we love most. Such was the case of the guardian brother. He gave his life for his country and died a hero’s death.

Once more the young girl, who had matured into a teenager and grew into a young women, had to face a terrible loss. While leaving the funeral of her beloved brother she found not one but two shining pennies on the sidewalk by the cemetery. This she knew was her grandmother’s way of letting her know her brother was in heaven with her.

The grief filled young women looked up to heaven and called her brother’s name.

“If it is you, you have to find another way to let me know. The pennies are from Gran; maybe you could leave me a dime.”

Laughing at herself through her veil of tears, tightly holding the precious heaven sent pennies; she caught sight of something sparking on the sidewalk. It was a bright shining new dime. 

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  • Jenny Heart on Jul 28, 2009

    I love this one more than any you\’ve done. It\’s imspirational. It makes one believe that our dearly departed loved ones are truly near by. I\’ll always hold this message close to my heart. This is what writing to me is all about. Its about helping others feel a lot better by what we\’ve wrote. Yours just done that for me. I do believe these things do happen.

  • Brenda Nelson on Jul 28, 2009

    lol cute.. and spooky, I have a true similar story I will tell maybe one day.

  • Mark Gordon Brown on Jul 28, 2009

    I keep wondering how our dead loved ones come up with this kind of money? Where they holding out on us? Do they have the power to make it appear? If so, I want bills please, preferably $50’s and $100’s.

  • CHAN LEE PENG on Jul 28, 2009

    This is such a good and touching story. The phrase “If it is you, you have to find another way to let me know. The pennies are from Gran; maybe you could leave me a dime.” inspired me a unique thought. Thanks and have my liked it.

  • Karen Gross on Jul 28, 2009

    Comment #3 kind of burst the Wow factor balloon in my typing fingers. I thought the story was so inspirational and charming. You infused so much emotion into this short story – I would love to read more like this one.

  • ken bultman on Jul 28, 2009

    Awe- inspiring story. Almost- tear inspiring. Thanks for writing it.

  • papaleng on Jul 28, 2009

    Wow! that was an awesome story that really touches ones heart.

  • christine wouters on Jul 28, 2009

    This was a beautiful story, I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Ruby Hawk on Jul 28, 2009

    Pam, that was a really sweet story. You have my I like.

  • R.B. Parsley on Jul 28, 2009

    I love this story!!! When I was eleven my grandmother – my dads mom- died from cancer. She left me a very large cookie jar of penney’s, filled to the brim. I kept them for a long time. One day I went to get them, and they were gone. At the time I was about 14 years old. When I asked my parents about them, they said they didn’t know what happened to them at the time. It wasn’t until I was an adult they finally admitted they fell on hard times and had to use them to put food on the table. Your story reminded me of those penny’s. whenever I find a penny on the street I often think about my grandmother. I always felt she knew I wouldn’t mind helping my parents I felt the penny’s fulfilled their purpose. Excellent story Pam! Keep up the great work!!!!


  • Daisy Peasblossom on Jul 29, 2009

    Lovely story.

  • Moses Ingram on Jul 30, 2009

    A beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

  • Nicholas Kenney on Aug 8, 2009

    Heartfelt Pam. Well done. Inspiring…

  • fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa on Aug 13, 2009

    This was very beautiful and inspirational. God does allow us to send and recieve messages from heaven; and not just pennies.
    Awesome writer your are

  • kathie107 on Aug 17, 2009

    Very touching, I love this kind of stories

  • Kate Smedley on Aug 19, 2009

    Absolutely beautiful and so touching.

  • martie on Sep 5, 2009

    A very sad but uplifting story. Have you ever considered writing short stories to magazines. I am sure something like this would sell in a heartbeat.

  • Myrt Wiblin on Sep 9, 2009

    I enjoyed the short story. Something similar happened to me.Booth of my parents died in 2002, I miss them so much. Each event that comes, birthdays, anniversaries etc…I send a balloon with a note attached to it to heaven. Never in my wildest imagintion was I ready for my surprise I was about to get. It was my mother’s birthay. I sent the balloon off and watched as it went higher and disappeared out of sight. I then said to the Heavens, I love you and miss you both. I drove home. A few days later, I walked out in my front yard and to my surprise there was a red balloon, which I knew came from my mother, it felt like her touch when I picked the balloon up. I held it tight and I could hear her as she said “I love you too and miss you”. Tears ran down my face in happiness as I hugged that red balloon. I still have that red balloon and it has been inflated and sitting on my counter for over 3 months now. It may seem like such a small thing, but it has and continues to bring me comfort.

  • clayhurtubise on Jan 5, 2010

    Nice piece. I found it by ’stumbling’!

  • Lord Banks on Jul 24, 2010

    What a sweet lovely story. LB

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