What if alien creatures could not only snatch you out of space, but also time, so you ceased to have ever existed?

For a moment I didn’t answer, barely hearing her words, as my attention was caught by William Burton’s triangular name block.   A name block which now said, “Dr. Cicely Milbourne”.

Cicely Milbourne talked to me for nearly half an hour.   Making me hope that she bulk-billed as Bee Ling Chi’ang had done – since I could not afford to pay for an ultra-long visit.

I barely heard a word that Cicely Milbourne said, still struggling as I was to cope with what the erasers had done.   First replacing Bee Ling Chi’ang with William Burton.   Then after I had hardly met him, replacing Burton with Cicely Milbourne.   But I did catch her words, as she said:

“I have been on to the Williamstown Hospital to see what went wrong with the last appointment that they were supposed to have made for you.   They couldn’t find any record of it,” she sighed in frustration to indicate how incompetent she thought they were, “but they have made a replacement appointment for Wednesday the twenty-second of Feb.   I think you can still get to Williamstown via the 472 bus from Paisley Street.   It’s such a pain not having a railway station in Maribyrnong, isn’t it?”

I nodded my agreement and reached out to take the small appointment card that she held out toward me.   However, my instincts told me that this appointment probably would not eventuate either.

As I headed back into the reception area, Cicely Milbourne called out to me: “I’ll see you in church this Saturday, Phil.”

“Er, yes, I’ll see you then,” I said, looking back to smile at her.   Not expecting for a second to ever see the tall blonde again.

Saturday, 18th February 2012

When I arrived a little after 4:00 PM today, I immediately saw that I had been wrong.   As I pushed through the twin glass doors of Centre-West Church, I could see the tall, shapely figure of Cicely Milbourne sitting at the electric keyboard – as Bee Ling Chi’ang had helped out every second week for the past three years.

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