What if alien creatures could not only snatch you out of space, but also time, so you ceased to have ever existed?

“Hey, Serg,” said Liam, picking up a cheaply bound hardback book from a phone table beside the PC desk.   “It looks like his diary.”

“Give it here,” said the sergeant reaching for the book.

For the next hour or so Eric Paulsen stood reading Philip Josephs’s diary, with Liam Fredericks and Janice Snyder each standing behind him, reading over a different shoulder.

Flipping to the last page of writing, they saw the date: Tuesday, 7th March 2012.

“That’s today,” said Janice, as they started to read:

        I have just read back through this diary.   I must have been having some kind of slow mental breakdown, or hallucinations of some kind!   Nancey Kwouk?   Manuela and Conchita Rodriguez?   Mark and Sandra Jenkins?   Ian, Jenny, Tobi, Joanna Wong?   Bee Ling Chi’ang, William Burton, Cicely Milbourne?   And all the others?   I’ve never heard of any of these people!   What can have possessed me to write all of the above listings?

        None of it is true, of course.   None of those people have ever existed to the best of my knowledge.   And I’ve never attended a church called Centre-West.   In fact, although a Christian, I haven’t been to church at all for forty years, since my fifteenth birthday, when my mother told me that I no longer had to go if I didn’t want to – so I never went again.   Except to attend a few friends’s weddings, and, sadly, many more friends’s funerals.

“He seems to have come to his senses at last?” suggested Eric Paulsen.

“Or maybe he fades in and out of reality?” suggested Janice.   Who had had experience with her maternal grandmother suffering from dementia attacks for nearly twenty years before recently passing away.

“Well, nothing in that diary could have been true,” scoffed Liam Fredericks.   “Erasers who remove people from time and space, it’s like something out of H.P.Lovecraft!”

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