What if alien creatures could not only snatch you out of space, but also time, so you ceased to have ever existed?

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Usually our service starts with the congregation standing for twenty-five minutes or so as we sang hymns (plus a few gospel rockers).   But today we had a treat as Pastor Ian explained:

“The Rodriguez sisters from the Spanish Church are going to entertain us by singing some hymns of their own choosing.”

The Spanish Church also rents the Church of Christ building for their services.   And from time to time two (or all three) of the churches held combined services.

As Pastor Ian Wong introduced them, five lovely girls aged from seven to fifteen, dressed in traditional Spanish costume, strolled toward the front of the church, smiling broadly as we stood to applaud them.

The five girls were onto their third song, “Holy!   Holy!   Holy!” when a shaft of bright light shot into the church from a small overhead window.   And as though riding the white light down toward us, the black light streaked down upon the five pretty Spanish girls.

And two of them instantly vanished.

“Manuela?   Conchita?” shrieked their distraught mother leaping to her feet as her two eldest daughters vanished.

A gasp of annoyance went up around the church at this interruption.   All heads turned toward Isabella Rodriguez for a moment, before swivelling back to where the three remaining Spanish-Australian girls stood together, having closed ranks to make up for the loss of their two siblings.

For another second or so, Isabella continued to look horrified by the disappearance of her two eldest daughters.   Then as the memory of Manuela and Conchita slipped from her awareness, the horror was replaced by a broad grin as she began to applaud the singing of her three lovely and talented daughters.

“Bravo!   Bravo!” cried the excited mother.   Before finally being dragged down to her seat by her obviously embarrassed husband.

“Terribly sorry, terribly sorry,” apologized Benjamin Rodriguez.   “She always does this when our little girls sing.”

“Mother!” chastised one of the three remaining Spanish girls.   Her face flushed almost beet red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

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