A wayward girl is in need of direction; a widowed male with three daughters is also in need of guidance. The appointment of a stern woman has far reaching consequences, from which all will benefit- not least the governess who is appointed.

Mr Brown was concerned.  He was a wealthy widower with three daughters, Jenny 14, Hayley 16, and Lucy 18.  Though the younger two were very well behaved, the eldest, Lucy, was becoming very wayward in the absence of her late mother. Mr Brown had seen her cavorting with young males when he occasionally picked her up from college, and she often arrived home later than he did from his workplace, and was a little curt and secretive about her whereabouts.  His need to bring her to order was brought to the fore when he came home early one day and found her looking somewhat dishevelled and sheepish; the rear door was open, and he was sure his eye caught something disappearing over the garden wall, though he couldn’t be sure – a cat maybe? Though he dismissed his suspicions after she casually told him she was unwell, and had come home early, his vision of her innocence was shattered when he later found a pair of her panties and a male’s comb which was not one of his, down the back of the leather sofa in his lounge. The time had come to do something. 

Mr Brown was preoccupied with his work, and did not find the time to socialise, though he felt the need for a woman on occasion, and wished he could just pluck one out of the ether. His daughter reminded him of this state of affairs and oh how he wished he had a strong woman at home, who could be firm and guide Lucy. His mind often toyed with the idea of a firm woman; subconsciously, this is why he had avoided relationships, the idea seemed at odds with his persona.  However, he did not know it at that time, but his actions were to aid him as much as his daughter.  Brown trawled web sites and found a multitude of nannies and finishing schools; neither seemed to suit, whilst he wouldn’t mind Lucy being away for short periods, he did not want her gone for months at a time.  The nannies advertised may have suited his younger girls but would not be firm enough to rein in Lucy. He was about to give in when he noticed an advert which looked more promising;

‘Ms Kate Hart, Governess; Wayward girls and boys brought gently into line, firmly but fairly; offspring of any age considered.  Willing to live in, and be part of your family routine.’  The more he read into the clip the more it appealed to him; he had several spare rooms at the house which were all suitably attired. He thought of Lucy and something deep down made him think of himself, something tingled inside.  He was determined he would contact her.

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