Some Events are more eventful than others.

The Event, by Daniel Lobe


The event turned out really well.


 I hadn’t seen my cousins in years, Jacob grew a beard, and he looks like an old fool.  Sherry’s kids are all grown up now, her daughter Lisa is gorgeous.  I had forgotten how our family talks incessantly.  I could barely make out anything.  I even saw a few of my old college buddies.  Jim Tally flew all the way here from Michigan.


My wife looked terrific, she never likes to admit it, but for an old girl she sure is beautiful.  My son Kyle actually dressed in a suit.  The kid never wore anything except jeans and a t-shirt.  Our neighbors Bob and Silvia were there.  I would have to say they are probably our best friends.


The day wasn’t all sunshine and lollypops, my stupid brother showed up with his twenty two year old girlfriend.  The man owes me two thousand dollars and he has the audacity to show up like nothing ever happened. The suit and shoes he had on probably cost at least a grand.  Then there was the Reverend Belcher, he had his typical pious look on his face.  The man is a terrific speaker, but I always found him to be a bit on the pompous side.


Friends and acquaintances are acquired throughout life. I was never aware of how many I had until today.  Its not like we receive bank statements indicating how many friends we have, or a retirement summery reflecting gains and losses. It just happens along the way.   It really feels good when everyone you love is gathered together at one time.  It’s not often that a man can feel special and appreciated.


Yes, overall the event turned out really well.  I have to admit though, now that everything is over, I’m getting a little nervous.  It’s been several hours since they lowered my body into the ground.  I haven’t seen any welcoming light, or heard a voice from an angel, no sign from God, or anything at all.  I sure hope something happens soon. Its getting dark, and I have never been crazy about graveyards.

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