A short fictional story I wrote. Enjoy.

Yesterday, I woke up in the morning, at 6am. I woke up to the sound of screaming. Out of curiosity, i looked out my window. A women was screaming while her house was burning down. I ran outside, eager to help if anyone was trapped inside or throw buckets of water on the fire.

I ran over to the women, emotionally traumatised, screaming that her family was inside. A female baby, and a 17 year old male were trapped inside. The baby was located by the window on the front side of the house. The male was inside, upstairs in the 2nd bedroom to the left in front of the stairs. The smoke detectors weren’t working.

I broke through the front window and saved the 2 year old baby out of its cot. It had some minor burns, but nothing too serious. I heard yelling, and then someone bursted through the front door. It was the 17 year old male, fully on fire.  I could tell he was most likely going to die, he was fully on fire, even his hair. He tried rolling on the ground to put out the fire, but it wouldn’t do. Then he stopped.  Dead.

I knew that the mother couldn’t see her son lying on the ground motionless, dead. She would be haunted by the sight forever. I told her to run into my house and call the fire brigade as a distraction. After she entered my house, i heard the fire brigade. Hopefully they could recover the body before the mother came back.

I sat down on a seat not so far away, and watched the fire brigade come. As soon as they arrived, 3 of them went to containing the fire and one of them attended to the boy. I saw some faint twitching in him as the fireman splashed some water in his face. He was alive!

The fireman looked around nervously, he couldn’t see me, he thought he wasn’t being watched by anyone. Then something shocking happened. He put the body in a body bag, even though they were alive. Why would he do such a thing? He knew the body was alive, yet putting it in a body bag? I had to do something.

I went over to him, and the second he saw me he jumped. I said “I think i saw some twitching in the body, I think they’re alive.” He replied “No, there was no pulse, they were definitely dead”.  Something fishy was going on, I was positive they were alive, but he was saying they were dead? I then said: “How about we check?”. He replied: “Listen.. This kid will be in a life of pain if we let him live, why shouldn’t he die?”. I was shocked. He was killing someone. I had the right mind to knock his head off.

I couldn’t let this freak kill someone, so I said: “If you let this kid die, I’ll tell the police and forensics will prove he died in the body bag”. I didn’t know if this was true, but from watching crime shows on TV they do some pretty amazing things. He said, in a threatening voice: “If you tell anyone, you’ll regret it”. He was already busted if i told anyone, surely there’d be evidence of his body being in the body bag. Either way, this fireman was going down.

I grabbed the phone from my house, the mother was in my loungeroom sitting on a chair, recovering from shock. I called the police, they needed to sort this out. When they arrived, I explained the situation. They looked in the body bag, to find a now dead body. The fireman was a murderer, so i told the police the what he’d done, but they didn’t believe me. They said i was just some person living across the street and the fireman was a professional.

I wasn’t going to stand here arguing with police, so i told them to just confirm it with forensics that the body was alive when put into the body bag. I said if they needed more information, I’d be at my house. I arrived home, the mother had already left, being told the shocking fate of her child by the police, as seen through my window. Well, at least she didn’t have to see the body.

~Ben Johansson.

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  • LJ Spain on Mar 6, 2011

    I hope this is not true. It is horrific, isnt it?

  • Ben Johnsonnn on Mar 18, 2011

    Not true, made up story i thought of.

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