OUTLINE: A stag drinking water at a stream—reflection—admires beautiful horns—hate thin legs—hounds—runs for life—life—horns caught fast in the branches of a bush—hounds catch and kill him—dying thoughts.


                A stag was once drinking water at a spring. He saw his reflection in its clear water. He was greatly pleased to see his beautiful horns. But he did not like his lean thin legs. Just then he saw some hounds running towards him. He felt the danger he was in, and was off like the wind. His ugly legs carried him so swiftly that, very soon, the hounds were left far behind. He saw a thick forest in front of him. He rushed into it to hide himself. But his beautiful horns were caught in the branches of a tree. He tried to free himself but could not. He was held a prisoner, until the hounds reached the spot to make an end of him. His ugly legs were of great help to him. But his graceful horns were the cause of his death.

            Moral: All that glitters is not gold.

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  • asadktk on Mar 14, 2011

    very good and well done

  • asadktk on Mar 15, 2011

    very well and well done

  • asadktk on Mar 16, 2011

    very good

  • asadktk on Mar 17, 2011

    respect with self parents pictures

  • gill on Jan 10, 2012

    nice story

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