This is about a duck who layed a golden egg and had forgotten where she had laid it!

Once upon a time, there was a duck named ‘Gracie the Duck’ who had laid one golden egg after so many years on Mr Bean’s farmyard.

One day Gracie the Duck had forgotten where she had placed her golden egg. She went on a journey and asked many animals, but no one had seen her golden egg until she saw Ella the Elephant.

“Hi Ella the Elephant, have you seen my golden egg?” asked Gracie the Duck.

“No I haven’t” replied Ella the Elephant.

She walked back to Mr Bean’s farmyard looking so worried and decided to sleep over it.

The next day Gracie the Duck woke up and got out of her nest, and realised the golden egg was in her nest all that time. It started to crack open, her duckling had come out and she surprised everyone with her golden duckling walking beside her!

The End

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