I wanted to write a fairy tale and so I did.

Away in the kingdom of Philadelphia lived a happy princess. She was beautiful, gentle and loving and was named Bella.  In the same kingdom lived a magician. He was very cunning and was named Atroce. He knew the hardest of tricks and could turn an elephant into an ant with just one touch of his magical wand. Atroce was desperately in love with the princess and wished to marry her. So, one day he set out to the palace with his bag of tricks and his mighty wand. He hoped that by performing before Bella, he would win her heart. On reaching the court, he bowed before the majesty and asked for permission to perform in a gentlemanly way. The king too was bored and welcomed him warmly. Atroce then performed all his wildest tricks to impress the majesty and it worked. The king was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement that he gave Atroce a bag of hundred gold coins and a place in his court so that Atroce could amuse him whenever he wished. Atroce was really delighted. He bowed once more and went to his luxurious new room in the palace to make new plans to devour the princess.

As days passed, Atroce grew really close with the royal family. The princess was wonder struck by his acts and always kept him in company. Then, one day as Bella and he were taking a stroll in the palace garden, he took his chance. As usual he performed few tricks before her. Then he looked around to make sure that nobody was in eye sight or ear shot, he bent down on one knee and presented Bella with a ring. She only stared at him utter confusion. Then he said to her “ My dear Bella. I love you very deeply. I shall amuse you and shall look after you really well. So, will you please marry me?” Bella was dumbfounded she opened her mouth to say something but closed it. Finally she “ Atroce, I’m really very sorry but I do not love you. I am in love with Eugene, the prince of London. He has already proposed me and I have said yes. I am sorry Atroce I cannot marry you.”  Said the beautiful Bella. With this, Atroce grew really furious. He did not care for her anymore. He took out his magical wand and said “ Turn this pretty girl into a dirty toad”

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