I wanted to write a fairy tale and so I did.

At once the beautiful Bella turned into a huge toad. So huge that Atroce himself could sit on her. At this, Atroce laughed a high pitched laugh. “Don’t laugh. Please be merciful. Please turn me into myself again…” Bella cried. “ Promise to marry me and you shall be free again.” Bella wouldn’t agree. So, Atroce shouted at her “You stupid toad, you shall be my vehicle from now. You shall take me to everywhere that I want to go.” Thus saying, he sat on Bella. Bella screamed. “Shut up and take me to my home. Start immediately or you shall receive heavy blows on your back. Go!” Bella hopped and croaked and took him to his home. He then locked her up in a cage and went away. She did all that she could do to escape but could not.

Everyday he would feed her little food and made her carry him. In the evening they would return home and she would be locked up in the cage again.

Like this, many a months passed. News had filled in the kingdom that Atroce and Bella were missing. Eugene also came to know of this. He immediately set out to Philadelphia to search for her. The king was almost one hundred percent sure that it was Atroce who had taken the beloved princess away. Once Eugene got to the kingdom, he began searching for her day and night without rest. One night, after scanning the whole forest, tired, he sat under a tree, waiting for sleep to come. Suddenly he heard a shrill cry. He looked around and saw nobody. He leaned closer to the tree from where the voices very coming. “ Please.. Please let me go Atroce.. Please show mercy.” “ Shut up and let me sleep Bella” Eugene’s eyes went wide with shock. He went around and saw a deep hole in the bark of the tree. Prepared for anything he put his head into the hole and listened. All that he could hear was a loud croak and a man’s snores. He stepped inside the tree and saw to his amazement that it was a big house. Amazed, he walked on and saw a huge toad inside a cage and a man sleeping on a chair. Near the man was a long wand. He pocketed it and froze in place as the man opened his eyes and saw Eugene. Atroce was bewildered. He shouted, “ Who are you and what are you doing here?” Eugene couldn’t speak.  Atroce looked for his wand but couldn’t find it. Bella, who was sleeping all this while screamed with joy “ Eugene! You have come to rescue me!” Atroce looked at her and then at him. “ You…”he said. Eugene took out his sword and was almost going to cut Atroce’s body in half when Bella stopped him “ No Eugene. Don’t do this. He is after a human and though he has given me much pain, I don’t wish to see him die.” “ Yes Eugene, she is right. Please give me another chance” Atroce added. “ Are you sure sweet heart?”  he asked Bella” Yes Eugene. I am absolutely sure. Please spare him” “Okay I am ready to leave you alone. Only do as I say. Apologize to her.” “Bella. I am really really sorry. I now understand that no magic can win a girl’s heart. Please forgive me dear Bella” “Okay. You are forgiven. We shall leave now. But before that you have to make me myself again. Do it! Now!”  With one flick of his wand he changed her back. The next moment, both of them were in the palace garden. Bella danced for joy and hugged Eugene tight. “ Oh Eugene! Thank you so much for saving me. Without you…” Eugene placed one finger on her lips and she cried. Then she laughed and kissed him.

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