There may be endless funny dialogues, more to come..


Friend A : I thought we were good friends, but now I’m disappointed.  I received comments from others during the party, that I had dark eye circles.  As a good friend of mine, you should have told me earlier, but you did not. 

Friend B : I am not those type of person who like to criticise on appearances, I look at people’s inner beauty.  I like to speak good of others to make their day, I don’t like to say anything bad on my friends to ruin their days.  Moreover I don’t see you having dark eye circles earlier till you mention now.

Friend A : If you reminded me earlier, I would have taken good care of my eyes before I went for that party.

Friend B : You can’t blame me, as you know my eyesight not really good.  All the while, I thought you were wearing sunglasses, I was puzzled why you keep wearing sunglasses even when you were staying indoors.

Friend A : (Speechless)


Parent A : Your daugther is very cute, how old is she?

Parent B : She’s 5, she’s very smart too, she can spell and write her name correctly.  Once the teacher asked her to spell her name backward, she even spelled it accurately and fast too.

Parent A : What a remarkable child, what’s her name?

Parent B : ANNA


At the party

Host : Jack, let me introduce you to a beautiful Lady, Rose.  Rose, he’s Jack. 

Jack : (while kissing Rose’s hand) Nice to meet you Miss Rose, I have never seen such a beautiful and gorgeous lady like you in my entire life.   You must have many suitors, I guess.

Rose : Nice to meet you, Jack.  You are too kind.  Well, I am a humble person, but I must admit you are right.  I have so many suitors and most of them trying to date me.  It’s good to know more people, but I hate to go for a date which I detest.  I always believe in my first instinct, if I don’t feel like going out with certain men who are not appealing to me, instead of rejecting them, I will tell white lies to them.  I will simply say I have to go for an oversea trip so cannot make it for that date.  Haha.  If I don’t do that, I will be too busy with dates, that’s terrible, do you know?  My assets really give me a lot of inconveniences.

Jack : Haha, you are naughty, but very clever and humorous, I like that.  Cheers to you.  By the way, this coming Saturday I would like to invite you to a movie, follow by dinner, how about that?

Rose : I would love to, but too bad, I need to travel to London for business trip this weekend….


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  • TwiKnight on Jul 17, 2010

    Must admit, reading your stuff – nicest way to start my day! How did you come up with all this? Except for the Anna joke, heard it before. No offense, really. :)

  • Jenny Heart on Jul 17, 2010

    Great one!

  • Jimmy Shilaho on Jul 18, 2010

    Another great entry to tickle my bones, am sharing this on facebook if you don’t mind.

  • sasuke191 on Jul 18, 2010

    Haha!!!.. The Jack and Rose one was awesome!!.. ^^

  • neet on Jul 18, 2010

    Smart one!

  • Sharif Ishnin on Jul 18, 2010

    Haha! Like jack said very clever jokes.I have to go to London now. bye.:)

  • Phoenix Montoya on Jul 18, 2010

    Another funnies. You are so good at this :)

  • Michal Dorcak on Jul 18, 2010

    Funny reading. ANNA got me laughing the most. I did not see it comming :)

  • giftarist on Jul 18, 2010

    Well done, Clever writes lately star. :)

  • Jimmy Shilaho on Jul 19, 2010

    Where do you get those graphics that you use to such profound effect, like the waving guy in this one and the penguin slapping another in the Haiku?

  • Starpisces on Jul 19, 2010

    Thanks friends for your comments. Yah, some may have heard the ANNA jokes as usually the jokes are either I heard or read from somewhere, some are even real happenings from people I know, you believe? But I modify them by adding somemore.
    @Leo – I always received articles from friends (powerpoint) and whenever I come across those cute animated pics, I usually copy and paste and keep aside, so far I have plenty,. However, I don’t use them much, as some will find them giddy as the pictures will keep blinking, haha.
    The penguin ones I have kept for very long, some may have seen them before.

  • cobaltinee on Jul 19, 2010

    Funny dialogues makes us funny and laugh. Good post. :)

  • wonder on Jul 21, 2010

    What a lovely entry,good I read it, you are so good at these.I was away all these days.

  • gaby7 on Aug 4, 2010

    Interesting dialogues!

  • Starpisces on Nov 4, 2010

    Thanks friends for your comments!
    This post in Authspot, will try to relocate it!

  • Starpisces on Nov 5, 2010

    okay, the request was rejected.

  • ankur on Apr 29, 2011

    very laughter stories………………

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