– None but me beat you to death the day after tomorrow, or kill me tonight … and go to jail or result scaffold! … I say the latter, because at home know that I left you, and, furthermore, all the scum that surrounds us has learned since our struggle and give your details to justice.
Irritóme that more and more calm, and said:
– Do not try to scare, Diego! … I tell you I am determined to all before me in the situation I want to take your madness and treachery of that woman! …
– Shut up! … Not the names!
– No street! Now I have to talk to me! Moreover, neither the prison or the gallows come here to tell all. I have in my pocket a six-shooter, with which there is plenty to kill me after you’ve killed him!
– I know the history of this gun! Is one with which he wrote down one day to see Williams escape disgrace. Today the scene is repeated with me, as it could be repeated with the Civil Guard … Aperreada wear life since you got the Earl of fibs!
– Bad for you! ‘I said with a cynical ferocity equal to his. The man with the dog’s life, the humble dog so faithful and loyal was always you and whom you have tried on many occasions harshly and tonight with a whip and kicks, has already been agreed that Wolf has fangs, and will clavártelos in the throat if you do not put an end to injustice. Therefore a response ferocious man, What have I done wrong? What’s wrong with me?

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