Short tale.

– On the edge of my sword! said Simon. Methinks, friend Tristan, who will not see this trip to Spain, nor my blanket of feathers, which fortunately is in good hands. Thirteen arrows left me and I’ll be hanged if one of them misses the target. The first for that damn waving silk mantle of poor Spanish. Threading the waist, an inch lower than I expected! Number two: the condemned farewell gift that bears a head stuck in the sink. It is lying belly-up. Good also crush you, Tristan! You brought down to the handsome noses in the fire. There goes another one!

While both archers were dispatched to his taste, and his wife DUGUESCLIN consulted with the Baron and Roger, and recognized the hopelessness of their situation.

-Sorry for her, said the famous French warrior.

‘Do not grieved my luck, loving and courageous answered the lady, because death threatens me, never receiving it as welcome as you by my side.

‘Well, ma’am, said the Baron, this is definitely the answer in the same circumstances would have given me my unforgettable wife, to whom are my last thoughts.

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