OUTLINE: A hare has many friends—all promise help in danger—hounds run after him one day—horse not free to help—cow not free to help—goat equally afraid of hounds—runs to help himself—cut of danger—Moral.


                There lived a beautiful little hare in a hole under a tree. He had many friends. They liked him very much for his sweet habits. They promised to help him, whenever he was in trouble.

                One day, he was eating grass, when he heard some noise. He looked up and saw a pack of hounds running towards him. He felt that his life was in great danger. He ran to his friend, the horse, for help. But he could not do anything for him, because it was time for his master to ride on his back. So he ran to his friend, the cow. But she could not attend to him, because it was time for her to be milked. Then he ran to his friend, the goat, and told him the danger he was in. “How can I help you against them,” said the goat, “When I fear them, as much as you do? You should better go to someone else.” These words disappointed him so much, that he lost all faith in his friends.

                The hounds were now very close to him, and he was face to face with death. But he decided to help himself. So he ran fast as he could and was very soon out of their sight.

                Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

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