A short story of marrital bliss!

The importance of being Harold.

Harold rolled over and opened one eye to look at the LED bed side clock. The clock read 7.30am. In Harold’s dream he sat on a golden beach and the clear blue waters lapped over his feet. Two local girls fed him pieces of ice cold oranges. Harold reached out in his dream to pick up his Rum and Coke. His hand brushed Maria’s sleeping shoulder,

“What the? You woke me up Harold! Don’t get any ideas about trying it on. I’ve warned you about that before. Christ its nearly time for me to get up. You had to wake me didn’t you”

In a fit of temper Maria threw back the duvet and stormed off to the bathroom. Harold lay there half naked in the cold bed. There hadn’t been any warmth in many ways in his bed for years. Harold was dressed and in the kitchen. The toast was on and the butter and Marmalade was ready just as Maria liked it. Harold had laid out the morning paper and was reading it upside down with his head cocked to one side.

Maria bust into the kitchen. Her mood hadn’t improved she looked at Harold and said,

“That’s my paper I’m taking it to work”

Maria picked up the paper and stuffed it roughly into her designer bag next to her brief case. Harold said,

“Surely you don’t mind me reading the headlines on your paper whilst I cook you breakfast?”

Maria looked past Harold and stared into the street beyond. With unnecessary rudeness she replied,

“Look Harold you have all bloody day, you go watch the news on TV some of us have a career you know”

Harold replied in his defence,

“Yes dear as you remind me every day you’re working and I’m not. Would it kill you to let me read your paper? I get up everyday to make you breakfast just as you like it. And I don’t even rate a look at your paper”

The toast popped up and Harold carried the hot toast over the Maria and put it in front of her. With that Harold turned on his heels and began doing the washing up in the sink. He could hear Maria crunching on the hot buttered toast. He could also hear her right foot tapping on the stone clad floor. Maria always did this when she was in a foul mood. Then she broke the silence,

Liked it
  • Rosettaartist1 on Sep 15, 2011

    Excellent. You missed an ‘r’ in the title. No spell checker on there means it happens a lot, even to me! :o )

  • papaleng on Sep 15, 2011

    six pages is nothing, if you are reading such a very interesting story. I do believe each man is born for a reason.

  • PR Mace on Sep 19, 2011

    We are all have some importance, I think we all have a reason to be here.

  • Sceptical Thinker on Sep 26, 2011

    Fu…ing brilliant it made me smile good old Harold. (not that i would condone his actions of course) Keep it coming LB

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