Nissa agrees to talk to Kimbra. This is the conversation that Kimbra has been waiting to have since the day of the presentation.

It was Tuesday afternoon and Nissa waited at the institution for Dina and her mother, Kimbra. Since the weekend, Kimbra had told Nissa that she needed to talk to her about something. As much as Nissa tried to deny it, she knew that it was not going to be something good. 

When Kimbra and Dina arrived, Dina went into the large room with the wooden floor and gray stairs. She began to work on her individual project. Meanwhile, Kimbra took Nissa aside and decided to discuss the inevitable.

Kimbra said, “Now, this weekend was rather uneventful, but there is more to the problem than that. I have seen Dina present her projects before, and based on what she can do, I know that she does not belong in Group A. Really, she should be in Group B. Like a said, I can give names of students that don’t belong in that group and that are ruining it for the others.” Nissa could not believe what she was hearing. She did not understand why everyone always had to cause so much trouble by talking badly about the other students. The groups that the students were assigned to was based on their age, not so much their ability. And anyway, there are always going to be some students that are just better than the others. Nissa believed that all students had the potential to learn and that they could get better with practice. She wanted so badly to tell this to Kimbra, but she knew that this was not what Kimbra wanted to hear. 

Nissa hesitated before saying, “I know that Dina is very good. She is not in Group A because of anything regarding her ability. The groups that the students are assigned to have a lot to do with both age and ability. Dina is the same age as the other students in Group A. She is a lot younger than the students in Group B. It makes more sense for the students to be around the same age, because it represents the progression of their learning. If she were to be put in a group with students that are older than her, she may not have learned some of the things that they have learned, which would make it difficult for her. Right now, she is very good and that shows through what she does with Group A. There are always going to be evaluations at the end of the year, so I really wouldn’t worry about it.” Kimbra asked, “So does this then mean that she is going to be in Group B next year?” Nissa replied, “Well, there is nothing that is guaranteed. If the students that are going to be in Group B are much older than the students that would normally be in Group A, then most likely things will not be that much different. Everything depends on everything else and I can’t really tell you anything right now.” Kimbra said, “I see. So as of now, there is no definite answer as to what we should be expecting.” Nissa said, “Pretty much. If anything, wait until the end of the evaluation to decide if there is a problem. If there is a problem, I can always talk to you about it.” Kimbra did not seem convinced, but she said, “Fine, we’ll talk about it then.” It wasn’t the perfect answer, but Nissa hoped that this could at least give her more time to reflect upon this whole thing.

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