This story is about a hard working woman who gives up everything for her kids.

Realizing the party was about to end, Diana noted some final points and got up. Diana walked her way to the house and just as she expected her children opened the door.
“Dad said he’s going to be late”, her little daughter Familia informed. She, as usual, ignored that. She made herself some coffee, tucked her kids in their beds and finally sat on her own bed.

This was the daily routine of Diana’s life. She lived a life of complete compensation just because of her children. She aimed to raise three of them without any desire for her own self. Her husband, Paul, was just a faded figure to her. She had already considered herself a widow who is a journalist at New York Romantic Times, works and earns only for her children, Roma, Familia, Ben. Ben was 17 now and the twins Roma and Familia turned 8 on the last Saturday.

She knew it’ll happen. Ben did have some serious effects because of his father and the continuous crucial relationship between his parents. So as expected he came to Diana and asked, “Why do we even have to live with this so-called father? Believe me, our life without him would be the same or better”.
Diana:” I know Benny but look, separation is not so easy. I’m not talking about all the paperwork but I’m worried about the future of Fam and Roma.”
Ben:”I’m sick of you worrying about our goddamn future. You know what I see? I see us ending up in a backyard of some bakery!”
Diana:”You’ve become hard Ben. Don’t think like that. Even now Paul gives us some money. That whole lot fills up our hunger.The moment I get my promotion, we’re outta here”
Ben:”Hah promotion. Life’s no fairy tale like you get your promotion, we get to go to a new house, I complete my studies blah blah.Mum I don’t know about you but I’m going!”
Diana:”Stop acting like a child Ben!You’re the only support.Please don’t do that!”
Ben gritted his teeth and left the room. In the meanwhile Paul got down and sat beside Diana.Silence abandoned the room after five minutes.Diana spoke first,”What?Is it something about a new fight or a silly argument?Well I’m not going to start….”
Paul:”Hey hey stop! Just wanted to tell you I….I’m getting married!We’re over.Done!I aint go anymore feeling for you.I’m sorry.”
Diana clapped her hands as if no surprised and laughed sarcastically,”Another good news perhaps,isn’t it?But then she changed her tone to cold,”But I’m telling you Paul kids are going with me!Is that clear or should I call some lawyer?”
Paul:”Shut up Diana.I love my kids and I can take better care of them.I earn more!”
Diana was shocked at his recent comment and couldn’t let her words come out of her mouth,”I-I-I-I can’t believe you came to this point.You? You can take better care of them?Oh I see.A ghostly figure just seen in pictures and seldom at home can be a better parent.Fine!You brought me to this. I’m involving law into this now.”
Paul:”You’ll lose. You know why?’cause you’re a loser.You always lose and this time be ready!”
Diana was about to cry.She bursted out of the room and walked outside.She paced back and forth,thinking hard bout the current problem risen.Her face was getting red as she thought more about her kids,specially Ben.
Beep beep.Her phone rang.”Hello Mrs Paul?”
Diana:”Here.Didn’t recognise you sorry?”
Caller:”Ms it’s Robert from NYRT. You’re in the department of romantic times right?”
Robert:”You’re called for a meeting, 4:00 pm, Cafe Mozarts.”
He hung up. It was thirty minutes to 4 pm, she quickly wore her long boots, grabed her long coat and her wallet. To her luck, a cab was just crossing the street. In a couple of minutes she found herself sitting in Cafe Mozarts. Her boss came and sat in front of her.

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