I discuss a old story of love in essay format.

The Lady or the Tiger

By Spencer Vadnais

The story The Lady or the Tiger is about a semi barbaric king who has a trial system that’s based on chance. The person on trial walks into an arena with two doors. Behind one door is a woman who he will marry instantly if he opens her door. Behind the other door is a tiger that will eat him if he opens its door. Now as you can see this is not a very fair system because the guilty could get away free while the innocent get killed. It also puts a lot of pressure on people and makes them realize that life is full of hard decisions with consequences they can’t control. Now you realize that the king’s trial system is really unfair even though the king considers it fair.

Now because the king was only semi barbaric he didn’t rig the trial ever, but still it wasn’t the best system out there.  It even says in the story, “The criminal cannot know out of which door would come the lady; he opened either he pleases, without having the slightest idea of whether, in the next instant, he was to be devoured or married.”  This is an example of life’s hard decisions that affect your life for good or as it mostly is in this case, bad.  The king seems like he’s more than only semi barbaric.  (You know I kind of like that the king isn’t the nice guy it makes the story seem almost real.)  

          The king has a daughter who he catches having an affair. The king found out about this and put the man on trial. The king did not approve of him because he was a commoner. Now since the man was certainly guilty the king’s trial system based on chance ironically gave him a chance to live. Otherwise he would just be sentenced to death.  The king may have killed him but he gave him a chance to live at the same time. The story supports this by saying, “He had loved the princess and neither he, she, nor any one else, thought of denying the fact; but the king would  not think of allowing any fact of this kind to interfere with the workings of the tribunal, in which he took such great delight and satisfaction.”

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