Here is the story from Indonesia.

The Legend of Tengger

One day, lived a couple named Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. They lived in the slope of Mount Bromo. They were so sad because they didn’t have any child during their marriage. So they went into Mount Bromo and pray there.

They hoped they would have a child. The Gods of Mount Bromo heard their pray. The God promised to give them children, but they have to sacrifice their youngest child.

Soon they had 25 children and their youngest child’s name was Kesuma. They loved Kesuma very much. When he turned into teenager, the God of Mount Bromo asked their promised. He asked them to sacrifice Kesuma but both of them tried to deny their promised by hiding Kesuma everywhere.

The God was so angry and there was eruption. Kesuma fell into the crater and die. His parents were so sad, but suddenly there was a voice come out of the crater. It was Kesuma’s voice. He said to all the people that he was sacrificed to help all the people in village. He asked them to pray and held a ceremony every year in Mount Bromo.

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