A short story about finding people on facebook.

He stared at his laptop, this is not realy that hard, he thought as he set up his facebook page.Hmm, he thought as facebook asked him to search for friends. He knew who he wanted to look for, see if she was on this. Pausing a moment he remembered the last time he saw her face, how close they had come to having an affair.She had pulled back, backed right off . He typed in her name Carly Taylor , god there is a lot of them he thought as he scrolled down. Then her face shone out, pulling him into the memories, the engagement,the break up , her move to spain, the saddness, all many years ago now. Looking at her page he saw she was in a relationship, he looked at her pictures, no kids by the look of things, he thought smiling. still he did not add her as a friend. The blossom blowed across the pavement, flowing beautifully in front of her as she walked home. Her mind flowed back to last night she was thinking, why had she searched for him on face book, it wasn`t one of her best ideas. Now that picture circled around her mind like the blossom on the floor before her. His face so proud, glowed with happiness as he held his new baby. She saw from his profile he had been married for 3 years now. Since she searched on facebook she`d been remembering the old days. she thought about it all, the engagement, the rows, the break up, her move to spain, then the date they had shared 4 years ago and the choice she had to make, all long ago now. She strolled along her street and looked up at her house, her happy home. She had finally foundthe love she had longed for all these years, and all he could not give her. She looked at his page again, coffee in hand, still she would not add him. Half an hour later she found herself sat on the floor by their bed, all her spain memories spread before her, his letter in her hand she had forgot she had it. Read his pleas for her to return, to marry him and put all their rows about travel behind them. He would do it for her, go wherever she wished. As she read the 10 year old letter she smiled, she knew despite how much she had loved him she had made the right choices in her life. She folded it up and put it back with all the others. He`d been staring at her face for 10 minutes or so, even though his wife was downstairs with their baby, he still wanted Carly in his life. She had fufilled him in a way his wife never could, moved him yet enraged him, gave him passion yet he knew he could never get those days back, but this could be the next best thing. He knew now he could see her face whenever he wanted, still he did not add her.

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