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I thought before that life was simply better. I could not imagine how miserable it was as it passed by, but I must live it in the way it should be.

When I was a child, I never realized and appreciated the things that my parents did to make my life good. Even if almost all the time I need an attention, care, and love but still I understand them because they worked to sustain my daily needs. There is no “ma” or “pa” accompanying me to go to school because they were very busy. I lived my life independently.

Meanwhile, when I stepped in my grade school days, I admitted to myself that life was really unfair. I experienced shortcomings; that I have nothing financially. I could not demand for anything. It’s just like I was in a great distress.

Years later, I was deeply drowned in all the grief that I encountered. I always cried when I am alone. I changed the way I dealt with people around me because I was ashamed to them. I never shared my problems to anyone.

However, I woke up each day with a positive outlook like there’s nothing wrong. I forgot all those problems and prayed to alleviate those agonies. It’s faith that mends my piteous life. Yes, it’s really the reason why I impressed to live.

Now, I could say that I was lucky enough because even if I have nothing but still I lived this simple life full of hopes and dreams. I learned a lot from it simply because it’s a race between me and my consequences. If I fore-go, I will miss all the chances which I may yield forever.

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