A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

d The Lighthouse c



d  Danni Somerset  c










Death is the one truly neutral thing,

It does not discriminate between right and wrong or good and evil,

And it can take anyone at anytime.



















d Part 1: The Beach c

          Kisara was lying unconscious on the grey sands of the beach.

          Her long white-blond hair was spread around her in a mess of tangled spider webs and her blue silk dress was soiled with mud and dirt. She was soaked to the bone and goose bumps were rising on her fair skin. She was completely alone.

          She slowly became aware of her surroundings. She felt the cold wet sand under her young face and icy water gently licking her hair. She propped herself up onto her knees and wrenched her sapphire blue eyes open and gazed around.

She was on the dreariest beach she’s ever seen. Grey sand stretched out to the dull green water which lazily lapped agents the shore. She couldn’t see the horizon; the water faded into the grey mist with no defining line. To the left was a series of sharp rocks. After the rocks there was some dead grass that led up a large hill and standing at the top of that hill was a white lighthouse. The light was off, leaving the beach in eerie near darkness, the sun was hidden behind a dense cloud of mist. She could just see out the outline of a shining sign next to the building, but she couldn’t make out any writing.

          Kisara had no idea where she was, nor could she remember how she got there. She instinctively reached into her pocket to find her mobile but it wasn’t there. Great, she thought bitterly.

Liked it
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