A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

She rammed her clenched fist into his nose with all the force she could muster.  

She felt the cartilage fold under the pressure and blood poured from his nostrils. He reeled backwards, letting go of her wrist.

“Bitch! You boke my dose!” she cried in agony, spitting out dark coloured blood.

Kisara caught a glimpse of Lucas, he was being swamped by the pirates. He wasn’t going to make it. She wanted to go back and help him but he had told her to leave. She could not turn back.

She clutched the ornate key to her chest and made for the railing. She looked over the side and saw exactly what she wanted, just below the point where she stood was a small life boat floating in the water. But the Lost Souls floated just around it, they knew she was coming.

Swallowing her fear, she took one last look at the ghost ship. Lucas was fighting furiously, holding off virtually the whole pirate crew alone and Sean was huddled on the ground clutching his dilapidated face. She could have sworn she saw Lucas look up at her and smile, but then again she could have imagined it too.

I love you.

With that, she turned and jumped over the ship’s railing.

She landed with a thud in the boat, rocking it and almost capsizing the small vessel. But it stayed afloat and began to move. It glided smoothly towards the shore on its own accord, leaving the ghost ship and the pain that rested there behind.

Kisara turned back to watch the last of the battle taking place. She saw Lucas, he stood out from the crowd. She thought to herself that it was because he was glowing, he seemed happy.

And then she saw his blood. It poured from where Sean had just stabbed him in the chest. His eyes turned white, waxen, like those of the lost souls and he fell, down off the ghost ship and into the murky water to join the other Lost Souls forever.

She screamed, but she did not hear it, the world stood still. She could not hear anything or feel anything other than the sensation of her heart being ripped out of her chest by a cold, clawed hand. Her eyes started burning. She cried, but her tears were red, not clear. Then she noticed she held something in her hand. A small note was wrapped around the key, written on ancient looking paper. She unfolded it paper and glazed at it. It was from Lucas.

Liked it
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